Photo of Robert Miller

President of Wildman & Morris, Robert G. Miller has been with the firm for over 30 years. He initially joined the growing practice after serving his country as a pilot with the United States Air Force, then earning his Masters at Cal Berkeley.

An accomplished structural engineer, Mr. Miller has been responsible for the design of a wide variety of special purpose facilities for aviation, aerospace, commercial, industrial, marine and transportation projects. His professional skills have been applied to both the public and private sectors.

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With more than 34 years of design experience, the breadth of his knowledge is extensive. His diverse design experience includes the evaluation of existing structures to determine their ability to resist blast loads plus numerous seismic evaluations as well. Mr. Miller has also served as an expert witness, and he has assisted multiple attorneys with the development of their cases for trail.

Mr. Miller also currently serves as project manager and senior designer on many of Wildman & Morris’ current projects.

Photo of Robert Wildman

Robert F. Wildman, cofounder of the firm was involved in the design of industrial, institutional and military projects for over 45 years. A well known and respected specialist in the field of structural engineering, Mr. Wildman often served as an outside consultant or advisor on technically complex, special purpose projects.Among Mr. Wildman’s professional accomplishments was the design of a number of heavy-industrial facilities for both government and private sector clients. Many were designed to withstand intense seismic, wind and blast forces. He also contributed to numerous medical and laboratory projects as well as a substantial number of maintenance and industrial facilities.

As Principal-in-Charge, Mr. Wildman was responsible for overall supervision and management of the office. He personally assured clients that each project was accomplished in a timely and cost effective manner.


Photo of Robert Morris

Known as a versatile and talented structural/civil engineer, Robert L. Morris was an acknowledged expert in the field of quality assurance. Mr. Morris served as designer, project manager and Principal-in-Charge for the partnership. His project types included: specialized materials buildings, blast resistant structures, medical facilities, water treatment plants, industrial, postal, commercial and military facilities. He was also known to design a bridge every once in a while.

Mr. Morris was responsible for the financial operations and contract management for the firm. He oversaw all budgetary, fiscal and contractual activities, while also administering the human resources side of the business.

Serving as Chairman of the San Francisco Bay Engineering Council, President of the San Francisco Section of the American Society of Civil Engineering, and as a member and Chair on numerous committees, Mr. Morris was constantly devoted to increasing both his, and the firm’s professional excellence.

About Wildman & Morris

Established after the Korean War in 1953 by friends Robert Wildman and Robert Morris, the firm of Wildman & Morris has provided award winning Architectural and Engineering Services for more than 55 years.

Veteran Owned Small Business, originally located in San Francisco, we specialize in architectural design, planning, interior design and structural/civil engineering for both the private and public sectors.

Examples of our portfolio of built projects include new construction, additions and renovations to aviation, aerospace, educational, commercial, governmental, IDC/communication centers, and industrial facilities. Whether providing these services as the design lead, as part of a design/build team, or as a sub consultant, Wildman & Morris constantly delivers high quality professional results.

The firm maintains a dedicated staff of talented architects and engineering professionals with highly specialized design experience, which enables us to provide creative solutions to technically complex design challenges. Furthermore, because we have both architects and engineers on staff, we are also able to quickly resolve design and construction issues, saving our clients both time and money.

Our team is capable of coordinating and producing Construction Documents in CAD along with state-of-the-art BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology which allows us to deliver projects more efficiently, while also minimizing environmental impacts.

While conditions concerning the planet and the built environment have certainly changed since the partners founded the business, all of us in the recently relocated Ramona, California office still embrace our founding fathers guiding principals of providing the most cost effective solutions, to today’s modern design issues, in a timely and professional manner.